SAN SIMON -- Some 50 drug surrenderers recently graduated from the three-month reformation program conducted by the local government and Philippine National Police here.

According to this town’s police Chief Inspector Charlmar Gundaya, the said drug reformists are the second batch of the total 1,028 illegal drugs victims who voluntarily turned themselves in under the Oplan Double Barrel program.

Under the said program, reformists underwent intensive physical, moral, mental, social, and spiritual conditioning for their holistic personal development, said Gundaya.

He added that the now-transformed individuals were also awarded NC II certification from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority after completing their vocational training on Test and Repair Wiring/Light System Servicing.

Gundaya said the San Simon Bahay Pagbabago reformation center aims to provide a 360-degree transformation to the once victims of dangerous drugs and assist them in their reintegration to the community.

“It’s not just about disengaging the reformists on illegal drugs. We also wanted to help them get back to their normal lives by providing skills training which they can use to provide for their families,” he said.

Gundaya said that the third batch of drug surrenderers will immediately follow after the graduation rites of the second group.