A HAZARD mapping is underway to identify structures that are built on top or near the sinkhole-prone sites in Baguio City.

City Planning and Development officer Evelyn Cayat said the mapping project currently being undertaken by the City Government in pursuant to a resolution calling for the determination of danger zones in the city for mitigation.

Cayat said once the mapping is done, the results will be collated and disseminated to the affected owners who are expected to take mitigating measures or evacuate their properties.

According to the hazard map, these are the 14 villages that were identified as prone to sinkholes: Irisan, City Camp Central, Lower Rock Quarry, Pinget, Bakakeng Central, Dontogan, Sto. Tomas Proper, Asin, Dominican Mirador, Lourdes Subd. Ext., San Roque Village, Middle Quezon Hill, Quezon Hill Proper, and Upper Quezon Hill.

Mayor Mauricio Domogan has been discouraging residents from building their houses and structures on these sinkhole-prone sites.

He said those whose buildings sit on these zones should be wary of the condition of their lots and should undertake measures or vacate the place, especially during the typhoon season.

The city is considered as one of the places in the Philippines that are susceptible to sinkholes.

The perils of sinkholes in the city have been highlighted in the aftermath of the July 16, 1990 earthquake and Typhoon Feria in 2001. (Aileen Refuerzo)