BANGSAMORO is a Malaysian word. The Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) was not made for the Filipino people because no Filipino in his right mind could have ever thought of creating a Moro substate with the right to expand its territory with only a 10 percent requirement. Worse, it would be the Comelec of the Moro substate that would count the 10 percent.

And why are we dealing with a man using a pseudo name. Do we really know who Iqbal is? Is his name the alias of an alias of an alias ? Is he not a Malaysian and a terrorist ?

And why are we dealing with a 10,000-member rebel group that murdered the 44 Special Action Forces and tells us that they are at war with us and the weapons that they got from the SAF were war booties so they will not return them ?

Wait. With the multiple investigations of the Mamasapano massacre, have you not noticed or are you not surprised why the two SAF survivors were never made to testify in any one of those investigations? They are the living witnesses. They saw how it happened with their own eyes but where are they now? Or are they hiding for the sake of their lives ?

And why are the peaceful mainline Muslims, the Christians and the lumads or the indigenous peoples not consulted when they are more numerous and are major stakeholders in what certainly appears to be a law in favor only of the MILF if not of Malaysia.

Is the government not aware that for years and years now there has been an on-going peaceful dialogue, fraternal cooperation and harmonious co-existence between Muslims and Christians and the indigenous peoples of Mindanao who are not separatists, secessionists and rebels ?

And why are the Christians in Mindanao called Christian settlers (See the Preamble) when the Muslims are also Muslim settlers in Mindanao because historically only the the lumads or the indigenous peoples were the original and the only inhabitants of that island?

Are our dealings with them guided by Al Toqiah, the Muslim principle of lying and deceiving to infidels to further Islamic globalization? For lying and deceiving, virgins will await them in their version of heaven. --John Jonah A. Orat of Daanbantayan, Cebu