HIGHER demand has been driving up the prices of livestock and poultry products among markets in Negros Occidental.

Latest monitoring of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) showed the prevailing average market price of beef was P223.75 per kilogram in April, which increased by P1.77 from only P221.88 per kilogram in March.

Average market price of carabeef (carabao meat) is also higher, at P217.50 per kilogram. In March, PVO noted an average price of carabeef per kilogram of P216.82, which is P0.68 lower than the succeeding months.

For pork, from only P188.13 per kilogram two months ago, the product's price moved to P189.38 per kilogram in April, increasing by P1.25 per kilogram.

For poultry products, a significant increase in the price of dressed chicken was noted. Average market price of dressed chicken in April was already P155.47 per kilogram, rising by P2.97 per kilogram from only P152.50 in March.

PVO, on the other hand, monitored a negligible drop in the price of eggs.

April’s average price of small, medium, large and extra large eggs was P6.64 per piece, lower than P6.70 per piece in March.

Provincial Veterinarian Renante Decena Sunday, May 14, said the higher demand is attributed to many fiesta celebrations in the province.

He said during summer season, the consumption requirement also increases due to the large number of tourists.

“Local and foreign visitors hugely contribute to a significant increase in demand for livestock and poultry products," Decena said, adding with the higher the demand, prices are also expected to go up.

He added that based on the trend, the higher consumption requirement for these commodities is expected to extend towards June which is the opening of classes.

The province, however, can still supply the requirement due to its huge production especially of swine and chicken, Decena added.