WHAT’S better than dining in a restaurant that offers savory food at a fair price without worrying about the healthiness level of your meal?

Nothing! In Ababu Persian Kitchen, you get to experience the luxury and healthy food of the Middle East at an affordable price!

Ababu Persian Kitchen has been an all-time favorite in Luzon, and two years ago, they had their very first branch in Mindanao opened by Infinite Oro Ventures Inc. here in the City of Golden Friendship.

Ton Bollozos, manager and part-owner of Ababu Persian Kitchen, said that ever since they opened, the taste of their meals have stayed exquisitely the same! “Even if sige ra ko’g balik-balik ug kaon, wa japon ko nasumhan (Even if I dine [in our restaurant] all the time, I still can’t get enough of the food),” he shared in an interview on June 1, 2015.

Indeed, the preparation of the food is incredible. Even though they serve their food grilled, they maintain the seasonings and juiciness of the chicken and beef, which prevent the food from being bland.

Their specialty is their Chelo Kebab Ghazi, a combination of seasoned chicken and tenderloin beef paired with grilled tomatoes and onions. The perfection of the serving comes from carefully grilling the meat to achieve the juicy and tender form once eaten, with their flavor popping out in every bite.

Freshly added to Ababu Persian Kitchen’s menu as appetizers are beef and chicken salad, they are smothered in garlic mayo yogurt dressing with the right tang and zest which complements the meats and greens.

They also have their Kebab Wrap which has grilled ground beef with tomatoes, and its Shawarma Wrap which has roasted sirloin beef.

The unique thing with its Cagayan de Oro branch is its own set of drinks and homemade cakes as desserts made especially by Ton and his family.

Their monster shakes are bestsellers for a reason: aside from being deliciously good, they come in a big size at a very low price! They have the traditional flavors such as vanilla, cookies and cream, and strawberry, but they also have bizarre flavors such as their sweet corn which is natural and still has the pulp of the corn, and fresh from the menu are the cherry coke which is a soda shake and blue frolic which is a blueberry yogurt shake.

Kagay-anons have developed the love for spicy foods and Ababu Persian Kitchen would not want to miss on that. Thus, it has its own mix of hot sauce which is absolutely spicy, Ton warned. Aside from this special sauce, it also has its garlic yogurt sauce which complements the taste of its rice that comes in every meal.

Marketing Persian cuisine to the locals was a challenge for Ton.

“Kagay-anons are not that particular with the cuisine except for Shawarmas,” he said. Although introducing Persian cooking was difficult to sell to CdeO market, it did not stop Ton and his family from offering a whole different kind of good and healthy food with an exceptional spicy and grilled taste to the locals and introducing different dishes that are rarely offered in the city.

They offer meals made from scratch which are organic and have no MSGs, perfect for a healthy lifestyle. They serve chicken and beef meat, grilled just right to maintain its healthy benefits.(Patricia Ysabel D. Tabian/AdMU Intern)