TO make sure that relocation sites are safe and livable, the Cebu City Council wants the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) to assess a lot in Barangay Pit-os, which the City Government is set to purchase.

The lot, which is owned by the Piramide Family, will be used as a relocation site.

However, the area was deemed “moderately susceptible to landslide” by the MGB.

In his committee report, Councilor Alvin Dizon noted that MGB already released a Geohazard Identification Report (GIR) dated April 17, 2015.

According to the report, Lot 14227 in Barangay Pit-os was characterized by moderate steep slopes with a narrow and shallow depression that is prone to scouring by excessive runoff during heavy rains.


"MGB recommends the conduct of a more detailed geohazard assessment at the site and its vicinities specifically on geological hazards (ground shaking, settlement/lateral spread and mass movement) and hydrologic hazards (scouring/internal flooding)," the MGB report read.

However, Dizon, chair of the Council's committee on housing, also noted that the GIR was not signed by a senior geologist.

"The committee on housing is aware that there are requests for immediate relocation of urban poor families. However, the committee strongly believes that urgency to relocate must be tempered with the assurance that relocation sites are safe for human habitation," read a portion of the committee report.

Socialized housing

While it was not confirmed as an official report, Dizon said that findings and recommendations of MGB should not be taken lightly considering that the lot is for socialized housing.

The 10,431-square-meter lot can accommodate 238 homes.

This means that about 1,200 people may be accommodated in the area.

A proposed resolution authorizing Mayor Michael Rama to enter and sign a memorandum of agreement and deed of absolute sale with the owners of the lot was pushed before the Council.

However, its approval was deferred pending a favorable recommendation from the committee on housing.