TO REMIND the Muslim youths in the city of their obligations during Ramadhan,

the Muslim Youth Council (MYC) held a forum at Misamis Oriental General Comprehensive School (MOGCHS) yesterday, June 13.

"Muslim youth in the city tends to be not focused in observing the true essence of Ramadhan. They need guidance to commit to the practices of Ramadhan," said Adzhar Madjid, chairman of the MYC in the city, adding that the group is encouraging the youth to focus because Ramadhan is an obligation for Muslims and that they should act the Islam way.

Marcos Mamay, MYC executive adviser, said the Muslim youth should be reminded fearing that their attention might be diverted to Non-Muslim activities especially that their way of life has been exposed to a lot of entertainment.

The Muslim youth in the city were urged to be mindful to care for others, to be sincere and tolerant.

To care for others is giving help to the poor. Madjid urged his fellow Muslim youth to be tolerant to the stereotyping of Muslims to avoid rage. Stereotyping them as terrorist should not anger them but it should challenged the Muslim youth to show real the Muslims through compassionate actions that are exactly opposite to terror acts.

Prayer for BBL

The passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) with the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) spirit is also one of the prayers of the Muslim youth.

But, according to Madjid they are more focused on removing the negative stereotypes branded by people to Muslims.

Kagay-anon Muslims will have their eyes set on the sky searching for the appearance of the slight crescent moon which marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadhan.

'Oro Muslims' prayers'

Anaidah Dimaporo, 35, a vendor, told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro that one of her prayers is the BBL passage. “Mao gyud ni siya (BBL) ang tubag para makab-ot nato ang kalinaw. Dili tanan Muslim gusto ug kagubot."

Also, Mariam Yassin, 31 said that in this upcoming Ramadhan, she will focus on thanking Allah for the blessings and ask for forgiveness of sins.

Faizah Imam, also a vendor said that she will pray for good health in her family and ask for abundance of blessings in the future.

Muslims in the city usually go back to their homes in the provinces to be with their families as a sign of commitment to the Holy month of prayer and fasting.