THE United Inventors Innovators Organizations of the Philippines (UIIOP) is pushing for the recreation of the Philippine Inventors Commission (PIC) to boost the development and promotion of local innovations.

Speaking in Kapehan sa Dabaw on Monday, May 15, at The Annex of SM City Davao, UIIOP Interim Chairman Virgilo Sangutan told reporters that they have already submitted a position paper on their proposed House Bill to be known as “Philippine Inventors Incentives Act” at the Senate, which is being handled by Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.

“As a Filipino inventor, it is our way to uphold nationalism to help President Rodrigo Duterte in improving the local technology,” Sangutan said.

He added that through the advancement of local inventions with the help of PIC, there will be focus in helping inventors to establish a solid foundation for technology and innovation to be able to contribute to the economy. It will also benefit the Filipinos as it could generate income and employment.

If the bill will be passed, “the state shall regulate the transfer and promote the adaptation of technology from all sources for the national benefit.”

This is also seen to encourage the participation of private groups, local government units (LGUs) and community-based organizations to support its own inventors toward a sustainable society.

“The sustained development of a reservoir of national talents consisting of Filipino scientists, entrepreneurs, professionals, managers, high-level technical manpower and skilled workers and craftsman in all fields shall be promoted by the state,” the position paper stated.

The PIC will be created under the supervision of the National Science and Development Board for the purpose of giving technical, financial and legal assistance to inventors and recognitions for best invention in various fields.

“The commission shall have the following functions, powers and duties to give technical assistance to inventors to enable them to develop, perfect, and produce their patented inventions or those which are pending patent, under certain terms and conditions,” the position paper added.

It also stated that the PIC will be proving legal assistance to investors by representing them in filing their patent applications here or abroad and in protecting their secured patents from infringement in patent cases.

In order to help the inventors who lack financial capacity, they recommended to government-lending institutions inventions that are beneficial to the country for long term loans not exceeding 17 years.

“[This is] to enable inventors to manufacture their inventions, with only their letters patent as collateral, the amount of loan to be granted depending upon the importance and market of their inventions as determined by the commission,” it added.

Sangutan said the status of innovation industry in the country will earn huge support for the country in helping them find markets for their inventions here and abroad.

According to him, it was during the time of President Ferdinand Marcos when PIC was established and gave Filipino inventors a high moral and drives to be active in developing their creativity.

However, it was abolished during the time of former President Corazon Aquino, thus, weakening the support to local inventors.