A TRAFFIC enforcer of the Cagayan de Oro City Roads and Traffic Administration has tested positive for drug use and has gone Awol (absent without official leave) even before the results were announced last month.

RTA chief Jose Edgardo "Egay" Uy, however, refused to name the enforcer but said another round of surprise drug tests will be conducted in the next months to examine the remaining enforcers who did not go through the first round of testing.

"The one who tested positive went Awol, maybe he already knew what the result is," he said.

"It's important that our traffic enforcers maintain a healthy lifestyle," he said.

Uy warned that there will be no room for drug addicts at the RTA office.

City Councilor Romeo Calizo, chair of the police, fire, and public safety, said in an earlier interview that drug tests should be "intelligence-aided."

Calizo said he wants a list of names drawn up beforehand of the traffic enforcers who are allegedly using the illegal substance.

He said without this, the drug test would be useless.

"Since the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council has already been reorganized, we pushed nga dapat unannounced ang schedule, and it should also be intelligence-aided," he said.

"Intelligence-aided nga test means we have already names of these traffic enforcers dealing with the illegal drugs substance, because when you test them all, and on a regular basis, this can take time and would cost so much," Calizo added.