Monday July 23, 2018

Vicente: Sports fatigue

THE term fatigue is often used as an understatement in sports. The most understated meaning is when used to term the feeling of being tired or for some in the state of being too tired.

Fatigue is gruesome as it is so terming it over fatigue seems too harsh of a state that it is impossible for a human being to be in.

According to strength and conditioning coach Doug Dupont, fatigue is defined by science as the point when you can no longer maintain a given output of force.

To fully grasp the definition, fatigue is the state when your mind tells you that you can but your body just cannot keep up.

Fatigue is both mental and physical. Sometimes, one collapses before the other which is the actual state of fatigue. The function should always be in unison of the two but when one drops, it is almost impossible for the other to function normally, worse state is when both collapses that even the spiritual aspect is affected.

In the world of sports, many athletes train without the guidance of an expert, often succumbs to the “copy paste style” of training. What they see and hear are incorporated in their training without even understanding the pros and cons of the things they mimic.

For some, the multimedia world is a haven for training techniques and routines that they duplicate and incorporate in their exercise but ignores to study further if it suites them or not. They are mesmerized by the marketing strategies used to promote they see on multimedia and thinks it will work for them just like that.

Fatigue is not just pushing yourself to the wrong limit, sports fatigue is not understanding how to develop your body in a way it can comprehend with the current and still get up the next morning and be ready to train again.

Sports fatigue is often associated with wrongly overdoing things or just simply doing things wrong.

Training is the hardest most important part of being an athlete, and if in training, you damage your mental and physical state, then you are far from ready for your goal like competitions.