Tuesday July 17, 2018

Make-your-own succulents

GONE are the days when people learned only to appreciate pretty and dainty flowers like roses, mums and carnations.

In recent years, cacti and succulents have grown a large following among plant enthusiasts. These spiky darlings have also become popular gifts for special occasions.

During the recent Mother’s Day celebration, Trust Home Depot had a pop-up shop dubbed as “Say it with Succulents” held last May 8 to 14, in collaboration with Botanophilic Davao, an online shop that offers artfully arranged succulents and ornamental plants.

Ching Olmoquez, who wittingly calls herself as “Millenial Jardinera”, is the face behind Botanophilic Davao. What started out as a hobby to satisfy her green thumb pursuits successfully turned into a full-fledged online business.

A hardware store is not exactly the first place you would consider searching for potential Mother’s Day gifts but Stephanie Seng Ong, vice president for Marketing for Trust Home Depot enthuses, "We don't only help build houses; we also want to make it a home so we are always in search of ideas that will help cultivate relationships”.

“Succulents are inexpensive, low-maintenance, enduring, colorful, come in different shapes and sizes, can survive in just about any condition or container, some have health benefits, and don't they look so pretty lined up on your shelf?" the fashionista mom adds.

Trust Home Depot and Botanophilic Davao invited mommy bloggers and social media personalities to participate in a “Make-your-Own Succulents” workshop where they were able to choose their own plants and planters and learn about caring for succulents.

After the activity, the guests enjoyed delightful lemon tea and cookies from Marks and Spencer.

For inquiries about products or updates about future events, call 29TRUST (298-7878) or add them on Facebook: Trust Home Depot and follow them on Instagram at @trusthomedepot.


Sucker for succulents

Interested in taking care of succulents as a hobby? Mommy Leah Curioso-Carreon shares why she is a sucker for succulents in this short Q and A.

How did you start taking interest in succulents?

It started when my friend Melani Dahili who is also a Dabawenyo based now in Australia kept on posting photos of her beautiful succulents almost every day on social media. I was amazed at how she was able to propagate her succulents by the hundreds. Her love and passion for succulents inspired me, so I gave the hobby a try.

What do you love about cacti and succulents?

Oh, these plants give joy and positive vibes!

They are inexpensive and require low maintenance. Some varieties are even beneficial to health like aloe vera. I recently had my vacation for almost 10 days and when I came home, I found out that the succulents were indeed survivors!

Every plant is an art. They all come in different types, colors, and sizes. And, I get fascinated with certain cacti producing their unique flowers. These plants are also #instagramworthy and #fbworthy. In addition, I love having tea and coffee time with them around.

Did you meet new friends through your hobby?

Together with other hobbyist friends, I became a member of a Cactus and Succulent group.

It was fun connecting with people sharing the same passion and interest about succulents and cacti and I thank God for the opportunity because we began to appreciate and love nature and praise Him for creating beauties like these.

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