CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) has called on quarry truckers here to observe the use of proper canvass cover on their trucks adding this is compliance with local and national laws.

PENRO head Art Punzalan told Sun.Star Pampanga that they are responding to calls from civil society groups from Porac.

Recently, a group of residents from Porac has called the attention of the local and provincial government to strictly impose the laws that require quarry and cargo trucks to use proper canvas cover.

Punzalan said that they have called the attention of local truckers about the issue.

He said that they have started writing truckers here that they need to use the proper canvass cover. He added that quarry trucks should observe this as sand being carried, if swept by the wind, may cause health problems and even harm motorists and commuters.

"Not using proper canvass cover may cause for the suspension of permits," he said.

Punzalan said that they will not hesitate to cancel the permits of truckers who have been caught repeatedly violating the provisions.

He added that he is urging residents along quarry routes to report trucks who are not using proper canvass cover.

Punzalan said that it is part of their objective to make truckers here follow the necessary safety precautions adding that the ferrying of sand and gravel should also consider the welfare of other road users.