Monday July 16, 2018

Vinluan: Obesity: Disease or a lifestyle debate

TECHNOLOGY and medical breakthroughs to prevent more people from becoming obese maybe a solution however, making a smart decision is one thing that really works. Start by living the basics; be aware of the eating habit you want to change, slow down and think about what you’re eating.

Plan to fail, most people make rules when they go on a diet and when they break these rules their diet stops. Instead of stopping your diet, know that you’ll make mistakes and know how to pick yourself up.

Because we live in a foul nutritional climate, we tend to go out with it every day hoping not to get fat, yet we eat food like everything that our taste buds can be satisfied with.

In times like these, we must take the responsibility to defend ourselves, by making smart decisions we can in anyway put out the fire by reducing intake of trans and saturated fats and processed food which stimulate inflammation in the liver that contribute to diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension.

There are many ways to lose weight, it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you get the proper nutrients you need by choosing healthy foods that you enjoy and stick with them. Taking charge of what you eat is important be in control. This goes back to the first dietary intervention, when God said not to eat the apple in the Garden of Eden, yet it didn’t work.

Instead of saying, these are forbidden foods, say I’m going to eat healthier, if you indulge in one day, it doesn’t mean you failed, because you can eat healthier the next. Often we see ourselves in this dilemma during weekends in an eat all you can or party treats that elude us to a sumptuous buffet. Eating fibre-rich foods in such occasions and dumping liquid calories like soft drinks can help reduce the number of calories it takes to feel full.

The key however to all this debate over obesity being a disease or a life style problem cannot be answered just that, with all the technologies and what really works naturally to prevent obesity, but keeping it off by staying active and watching your weight is the very thought that we can do to fighting fats and living a healthy life.