FOR ladies, dressing up according to our body type is something that has to be learned and be conscious of. However, we often forget about considering our body shape when we do some shopping.

According to a number of fashion experts, knowing our body shape will not just save us from becoming fashion victims, it also helps us highlight our best points or assets.

Let us first define what an apple body shape is. There are certain characteristics that must be checked before we can conclude that we really got the apple shape body. Read on.

1. Your midsection and chest carry the most weight. It means that you’ve got bigger chest or your tummy is protruding.

2. Your butt is narrower than your shoulders thus making your upper body more emphasized when someone is looking at your general appearance.

3. Your rib cage and the back portion of your body are wide.

4. Your upper limbs or arms are slim.

5. Since you’ve got bigger upper body, your waist isn’t defined

(yes, you have some difficulty determining where your waist really is).

Now that we already know how a typical apple shape body looks, let’s now study some tips which can help you or your dear friends enhance your/their looks.

To flatter an apple-shaped body, the website offers a few solutions.

Look for:

• Wrap tops, which will give the illusion of a smaller waist

• Seaming on blouses and anything with a corset-style structure

• Pleating and gathering under the bust that draws the eye vertically down the tummy

• Deep V-necks and scoop necks

• Drapey empire styles, provided they’re not too voluminous (that’ll only make the area look bigger)

• Straight-leg rather than skinny bottoms build a sense of proportion with your upper half

• Higher-waisted pants and pants with a bit of stretch; these have a

girdle-like effect and hold your stomach in.

For me, another way of defining your waist is to wear dark-colored wide belts.


• Extreme A-lines, or anything too blousy that lacks shape

• Busy details like pocketing on your top half, patterns that don’t match your overall size (larger frames can carry off bigger prints, and vice versa)

The website likewise suggests that every apple-shaped woman must “wear a stretchy tank top underneath her garments to create a smooth, seamless base.” This is something that you can actually bear in mind and be considered as a secret weapon.

The key really to dressing up an apple type body is to trim and define your waist.

If you will master these fashion tips, I’m pretty sure that you will become even sexier and more fabulous than some of the famous apple beauties like Tyra Banks and Catherine Zeta-Jones. After all, it’s all about knowing what to hide and what to flaunt.


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