SHOULD the country need the measure disallowing any members of a political clan to run for a government elective post?

For transparency sake, politicians like Senate president Franklin Drilon has argued that the anti-political dynasty bill must be passed on the ground that the public service should not be a monopoly of one family, and this was stated in the Philippine Constitution.

Senate electoral reforms committee chair Aquilino Pimentel III said he will push for his own bill that will only allow one family member to run. The version of the House of Representatives will allow two family members to seek for elective posts.

For her part, Senator Nancy Binay said it is up to the voting public who will they vote to lead them. After all, if the public does not want the candidate, they will not give their votes to him or her anyway.

This has remained one of the most hotly-contested topics in the Senate and House of Representatives today. Other people are divided over this issue.

In some areas where the ruling family has managed to run the community well, they will not favor the measure. On the other hand, for those who have had enough of the evilness of the political clans, they will agree.

Even if the passage of the bill can do more good than harm, some sectors of this country are casting doubts on whether the anti-political dynasty bill be passed into law since most of the members of the House of Representatives hail from the political clans.

Be it passed or not, the voting public should be wary enough of their leaders' evildoings.

They should take the necessary steps to scrutinize their leaders, and never allow somebody who is unfit to sit in the public office because no matter if the bill be passed, for as long we don't take each election as critical as it is, and let the under serving lead our nation, we are all heading to our downfall.