THOSE who will turn 18 on or before May 9 should register, a Commission on Elections (Comelec) official said.

Cebu Provincial Election Supervisor Lionel Marco Castillano said the Comelec aims to encourage the youth to register.

“We are thinking of the youth who have classes from Monday to Saturday,” Castillano said.

Comelec coordinated with the National Youth Commission (NYC) to encourage the youth to register for the elections next year.

Undersecretary Gregorio Ramon Tingson, chairperson and chief executive officer of NYC, said one of the conflicts of the current registration is the youth that registered during SK.

“They do not know that they need to register for the election in 2016,” Tingson said.

He said they also help Comelec inform the public to go to their election offices for their biometrics data.

The Comelec was given until July 27 to send notices to the registered voters who have not validated their registration or are without biometrics.

Castillano said the parents of the youth are the ones that should remind their children to register.

Although Comelec could not blame the youth if they have not immediately registered for the presidential election, he said they must remember that 2016 is very crucial to their future.

“The confidence of the economy is tied to who will be the president elected. If the businessmen have confidence in the president that we will elect in the 2016, the economy would grow. Jobs would be provided.... So, I hope the youth would realize that they have to participate in 2016 elections because it would be crucial in their having jobs when they graduate,” the provincial election supervisor said.

Comelec encouraged parents to advise their children who will turn 18 on or before May 9 next year to go to Comelec and bring a valid ID or photocopy of their child’s birth certificate so that they will be registered.

Castillano said they have requested Comelec Commissioner Luie Guia for additional data capturing machines for the cities of Cebu and Mandaue.

He said when they conducted offsite registration, there were still people who went to the Comelec offices to register.