The Golden State Warriors have one purpose today – win at their homecourt.

A victory at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California will assure Coach Steve Kerr and his staff to steal the championship in Cleveland in Game 6. If not, Stephen Curry and Kyle Thompson can wrap it up back home.

LeBron James may not drive over Andrew Bogut again underneath as he got the worst crash of his career hitting his scalp on the camera. The King might have overdone his diving prowess, but the Warriors capitalized on his miscue.

Cavaliers coach David Blatt might be forced to use more of his bench and Golden State may not apply his starting five which distorted Cleveland's game plan for its worse loss in The Finals.

Today's game may go either way but Game 6 will be a do or die to prevent sudden death in Game 7, which the NBA would not mind as it is good f

or the business.

With James rested and with no concussion, the Cavs will surely wish to upset the Californians in their lair and go back for LeBron's additional championship ring.

But the Warriors have the same intention – that of wearing rings after 40 years. It is a golden opportunity for Golden State to have it now rather than wait for next season when more talented rookies and free agents combine through the wizardry of scouts and general managers.

Most of us are biased for the underdogs. Curry maybe the MVP on the team with the best record but James is a top dog who is most hated for his personality. Either team deserve to wear rings.

Whoever gets the upper hand after today's game is destined to be champions. But sometimes nature plays tricks and when you think you have it, it will slip away.

Just enjoy the war today as this day will pass too. So is the next one or two.