A YOUNG woman who withdrew money for payroll from a mall in South Roads Properties in Cebu City, was shot dead by a lone gunman at 3:15 p.m. Saturday, May 27.

Manhunt operation is ongoing by elements of the theft and robbery section, homicide and Mambaling Police of the Cebu City Police Office against the suspect.

Police have identified the victim as 25-year old Jennylyn Aquino, who is an accounting personnel of Vescon Construction.

The victim disembarked from a vehicle when a man, who seemed to be waiting for her, forcibly took the bag with the money from her.

The victim struggled against the gunman who shot her three times in the head when she did not let go of the bag.

The victim fell on the road while the gunman managed to cart away the bag and fled onboard a motorcycle.

Pieces of cash fell and scattered on the road in the gunman's haste to get away.

Aquino was rushed to a private hospital in the city where she was declared dead.

Police recovered an empty shell fired from a caliber .45 from the scene.

According to the Mambaling Police, Felboy, the driver, was questioned.

Investigators will consider the possibility of an inside job because the assailants knew when Aquino was arriving and what she brought with her.