TECHNOLOGY, at its best, aims to make human life as efficient as ever. But when it comes to books, whether it’s a fiction or non-fiction title, bookworms are torn between reading off actual paper pages or against a bright tablet glass screen. So, what is better then? E-books or paperbacks? Here are a few thoughts from our readers about the subject.

E-books are one of the best innovations of today. It’s like my mini-library that I could carry anywhere and everywhere. Not only that, it’s also affordable, accessible, convenient, easy to use and up-to-date with the latest authors and books, making it a big hit for everyone!

- Krystle Vina Yu, registered nurse

I go for e-books because of their convenience. Being able to access heaps of books on-the-go is an advantage. Plus, it is easy to share to other book-loving friends

- Rose Venessa T. Noval, registered nurse

I always prefer actual books. It’s right in my hands. They’re real. It’s closer and more personal than viewing it on a rectangular screen that sits in another dimension. Plus it doesn’t hurt my eyes.

- Lee Pada, freelance lighting director

I grew up with a grandma who had a library in her house. Growing up, her collection always fascinated me. At the age of five, I used to ask her questions about how long it took her to get that many books and how much they cost. Even up to this day, walking into that room is like walking into a magical place and I love running my hands through the spines and feeling the pages. I now have my own growing collection of almost 300 paperbacks and hardcovers.

- Adrienne Trisha Yu, manager

“An e-book in an e-ink tab would be cool. But I noticed that the mind creates a memory or thought reference to a physical address with each page read. This is something we cannot draw from with e-books. Drawing from memory is stronger when something is recalled using more than one sense medium as reference. But then again, if reading is just about ‘edutainment,’ then there’s no real need for heavy recall, is there? Still, I prefer a book over an e-book.”

- Emmanuel Cañas, doctor

E-books. Because these are very convenient and light especially as we can bring an e-book around anywhere we go when we travel or have free time to read in between meetings.

- Melanie Ng, businesswoman and president of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Personally, paperbacks will always win over e-books for me because I’m quite old-school. I like to keep it traditional and nothing can quite explain the feeling of having an actual book in your hands. Having an actual book in my hands brings back good memories: memories of staying up until the break of dawn engrossed in a story or staying in, having a cup of coffee on a rainy day all cozy and lost in the text.

- Jennifer Emperio, student