SENATOR Miriam Defensor-Santiago launched Monday her latest book “Stupid is Forevermore,” the second installment in her best-selling collection of jokes, quotes, and anecdotes.

Santiago released the book following the success of her book “Stupid is Forever” and in time for her 70th birthday.

“I was pleasantly surprised with the strong public support for 'Stupid is Forever' so I decided to publish a second book,” Santiago said.

Santiago’s first book has sold more than 350,000 copies so far, according to the National Book Store.

Like the senator’s first book, the 140-page "Stupid is Forevermore" highlights Santiago’s sharp wit and sometimes dark humor.

The longest chapter in the second book, Santiago said, is entitled “Overheard at the Senate,” which is culled from her privilege speeches and press conference transcripts.

“We should never underestimate the power of humor, especially among Filipinos and most especially in politics. When the debates turn ugly or the legalese is too highfalutin, humor is a way for us all to see eye to eye,” Santiago said.

Still, Santiago urged the public to be wary of politicians who always resort to jokes in order to evade serious questions.

“Humor has its limits; those who overly use it show that they should not be taken seriously as public servants,” she said.

Santiago remains on medical leave due to lung cancer but still continues to fulfill her duties as senator. (Sunnex)