Wednesday July 18, 2018

Your hair, your crown

ALL my life, I had always had black hair except for some few strands with a streak of white that seemed to beg a lot of attention especially when they would pop near the forehead. I had grown up with a firm stand that everything that is natural is beautiful and so I despised the idea of putting artificial colors on my hair… BUT things do change.

I was feeling a little (or perhaps, "more") adventurous last April that I would probably say yes to any invitations no matter how crazy they would seem, hence, I had agreed to dye my hair when a friend told me that she has a friend who operates a salon and offers Balayage. Well, I didn’t really know what that means but with the aid of Google, I searched through the internet and found out about it.

Balayage is actually a technique used by hairstylists in highlighting hair, where the dye is applied in such a way as to create a natural-looking effect. But I had understood the process better by experiencing it firsthand at the Crowned by John, a salon that opened for months now and is successfully gaining different customers from all over the city, which is situated in Aurora Quezon St, Davao City and is just at the back of Paternos Restaurant along Roxas Avenue.

When Oliver Padayhag, the hairstylist at the Crowned by John, did my hair, explained the process to me, I had grasped the concept better by comparing it to an artist doing a painting where he or she would mix colors to achieve the picture he or she desires and make it look natural. That means that gone are the days when those who would want a little adventure with their hair will be stuck in a boring, single-dyed hair.
What I like about their service is that they are very welcoming that you would just feel like you’re conversing with friends while they do your hair. Their staff are real, real friendly that you could probably keep them as friends for life.

Of course, as their hairstylists know better, you could really entrust to them your hair. While you could tell them what you really want, they would also offer expert suggestions to you that would make the output even more desirable. That was the case with mine as I was really clueless what haircolor or style to pick, though I researched beforehand and showed them a photo of the kind of hair I wanted to have, but the hairstylist suggested a better option for me and I am glad that I did listen to it.

Do not be surprised with the first hair color coating though as it would appear like you would have such accented or bold hair colors with it – that is just part of the process which is done to achieve the hair color that you want. After that, be in for the big surprise as you would finally see the actual color that you want.

For once, or maybe twice or thrice, I was glad that I tried their service as I did not really regret having my hair dyed especially by the hands of hairstylists who really care about how their customers would look like.
They also offer a free hand massage to all the customers who want to have one after they do their service. It just goes to say that they are really dedicated to offer what is comfortable and good for their clients.

If you want to have a Balayage at a reasonable price and with excellent customer service, you can hit their salon in Aurora Quezon St., Davao City or contact them through their Facebook page, “Crowned by John.”