THE Baguio City Council on Monday, May 29, approved a barangay ordinance on giving monetary reward to individuals, who give information for the prosecution of any person violating the anti-illegal drugs.

The ordinance 2 was proposed by Barangay Holy Ghost Proper in Baguio City.

An amount of P2,000 will be given as reward money to any informer who furnishes information leading to the arrest and prosecution of any person violating the anti-drug law.

“The war against drugs is a fight not only devolved to law enforcement officers but to every member of the community. This fight will never be won if we don’t recognize our duty as law abiding citizens to report perpetrators of illegal drug activities,” the village ordinance said.

Information from concerned citizens has been instrumental in preventing occurrences of crimes and in resolving the same. However, due to the human nature of self-preservation, many of those who have information are afraid to come forward because they fear for their own safety and that of their families, thus the need to incentivize community involvement to the government’s anti drug campaign, it added.

The barangay approved the amount of P10,000 to be included in the annual budget allocation for the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC) fund.

The director of the Baguio City Police Office will issue a certification the informer gave an information, which will be the basis for the release of the reward money. The certification as well as the identity of the person will, however, is treated with utmost confidentiality. (PNA)