THE place is called Lord of the Ribs, and yes, it can easily be the lord of the ribs. This new franchise from Cebu promises big burps as a P270 order of their baby back ribs will bring you a half-kilo slab that one person will have difficulty to consume, not unless that person has a huge appetite.

Our first introduction was courtesy of the honor, Cathy Tan, who asked Chester to invite me and whoever I can drag along. I managed to drag along editor Rhea and reporter Juliet to feast on everything they have except the quesadilla.

The ribs alone could already knock you out, but there were the potato shells and the chicken peri-peri and the peri-belly and the rib rice and that jalapeno stick and dessert and... just the thought would make you dizzy.

Just imagine if you are eating it. Suffice it to say, everything is really good. Except that it's not advisable to eat them all when there's just a few of you. Thus, the following evening, I returned with just Imee and we shared the ribs and the potato shells. It was one satisfying meal.

Being Lord of the Ribs, the first choice should be the ribs, but if you're on your own or your friends are not in the mood to eat ribs with you, then just get the rib rice. It's the same tender pork ribs in value-meal size. The potato shells is something you must try... and the peri-peri and the peri-belly and the rib sandwich and the dessert! But again, just don't eat them all in one seating.

Lord of the Ribs is at Bricklane in Barrio Obrero. It's at the back of the stage if you're entering through Bricklane's regular entrance along Palma Gil Street. Or better, you go the Guzman Street way and find a parking space right there.

Where's Guzman Street? It's that street where San Pedro Hospital is. Just drive on toward Obrero and when you hit the corner on the left, that's it. When coming from Bajada, Palma Gil Street is the one where there is a Central Convenience Store at the corner. Have fun and return for more!