TUBURAN employees were surprised after yesterday’s flag ceremony as they were led inside the gymnasium for drug testing.

Cebu Provincial Anti-Illegal Drug Abuse Council (CPADAC) Executive Director Joey Herrera said his staff collected urine samples of 320 regular and job-order employees for examination for possible traces of illegal drugs.

Herrera said it was perfect timing yesterday because last Saturday, the town celebrated its fiesta. Last Friday, Toledo City was also celebrating its fiesta.


Last year, Tuburan Mayor Democrito Diamante requested Herrera to surprise his employees with a test.

Eleven workers tested positive.

Yesterday, Herrera said, all 335 employees were expected to attend the town’s flag ceremony. But only 320 showed up for the test.

Since it was announced after the ceremony that there would be a drug test, some employees could have found a way to avoid it, Herrera said.

He said town officials are checking if the 15 workers escaped or were absent.

Naa gyud kunoy duha nga ilang gidudahan nga tig gamitan og drugas (Two of the 15 workers are suspected to be drug users),” Herrera said.