AT least 19 structures along Estero Parian on Colon St. that were identified by the Colon Revitalization Project may soon be removed.

This, after the structures, which were mostly used for vending, have encroached on a portion of the waterway and blocked the access of the desilting project that will be implemented in the area.

“Based on our evaluation, these structures are situated on top of a portion of the waterway,” City Legal Officer Jerone Castillo said.

Most of the structures are owned by vendors within the Tabo sa Banay on Colon St.

The area they currently occupy is an entry point of the Estero Parian, Castillo said.


Castillo, who heads the Colon Revitalization Project along with City Engineer Jose Marie Poblete and other members of the group, conducted a walk-through on Colon St. last week to identify the commercial establishments and residential buildings that have encroached the waterway.

Castillo said he already ordered the Prevention Restoration Order Beautification and Enhancement (Probe), through its chief Raquel Arce, to schedule a meeting with owners whose structures will be affected by the clearing.

The meeting is set within this week.

“Most likely, they will be relocated because they have to be removed from the area,” Castillo said.


During the meeting, Castillo said, they will explain to the owners why their structures will have to be removed and the importance of rehabilitating the waterway.

By rehabilitating it, the group is hoping that flooding problems in the downtown area during heavy downpour will be minimized.

The rehabilitation of the waterway will continue toward the entire stretch of Estero Parian.

Even if they will be removed, Castillo stressed, that City will find another location for the vendors so they can continue with their livelihood.