Wednesday July 18, 2018

Baguio Talks conquers online presence in north Luzon

SOCIAL media has definitely changed the way how people gather and share news.

Here in Baguio City, the new Facebook group Baguio Talks, is one of the newest and fastest growing online based group with now more than 13,000 in less than three months, bringing in together people from different generations from different places in the Cordillera region and nearby provinces.

According to John Arvin Molintas, one of the group’s volunteer administrator, Baguio Talks was created as an avenue for discussion and boiling pot of great ideas amongst its members.

“We would want Baguio Talks where people could discuss their ideas freely without having the need to disrespect their fellow members, in short this is a place for sharing of thoughts minus the negativity that is very evident in social media that you see lately,” Molintas added.

Aside from the latest events, inspiring thoughts and news being shared by the group, Baguio Talks is tied-up with the Angat Buhay Project of the Office of the Vice President which is geared towards inspiring communities and helping industries especially from the poorest places in the region and alleviate poverty with the help of different local government units and of the private sector.

Angat Buhay recently launched its project in Ifugao and Benguet where communities are given partners assisting them with their needs such as irrigation for farmers, easier access to free education, product delivery to the direct market and small business funding.

“It is a great opportunity (Angat Buhay Project) for our fellow Cordillerans as it allows them, especially the economically challenged, to have a more comfortable and contented life which makes them be able to provide a better life for their families,” Molintas said.

Molintas also explained through the project, it allows members of the community to easily participate in the war against poverty by being volunteers on events or by just sharing vital information that needs to passed to reach more people.

In the next three months, Baguio Talks aims to triple the numbers of their members and hopes to have at least 100,000 members by the end of 2017. (PR)