HOW long has it been since I stepped foot on Malagos Garden Resort soil? I can’t recall, but I’m glad I nodded to the VDFS invite to revisit the place and check out the latest addition to its attraction, the Chocolate Museum.

I knew it was a long while since the most recent visit. Honestly, the memory bank can only pull out the walk through the garden-turned-outdoor museum and admiring the Napoleon Abueva collection. Much has changed, of course.

You know how chocolates can be good for us, the dark variety most especially. It’s deemed healthy and a bag-full of the dark wonder as a welcome treat to the resort certainly doubles its good effect on the heart.

Sorry, make that thrice. The new Chocolate Museum is quite a beauty and it is certainly worth the visit.

Charisse Punetespina certainly knew what she was doing. Having enough experience in creating museums, she created a most interesting place to highlight a pride of Davao.

The tree-to-bar journey of the Davao chocolate will entertain people of all ages. It’s a learning trip that starts from the cacao beans and peaks with create-your-own chocolate. Who doesn’t get excited with that?

What’s even more exciting for me came unexpectedly. A tour around the resort showed lush green themed gardens, new sleeping quarters that can accommodate a large family and a restaurant that serves the most delicious homemade ice cream using fruits in season (the avocado and tablea ice creams are heavenly!), a few of the many amenities of the resort.

Perhaps the most surprising for me was the Bird Feeding Dome, one of the 16 Science in the Park features of the resort. Perhaps it’s not new to you but it certainly is my first time to enter the dome.

I’ve had grey and white doves nibble on treats off my hands but it was the first time I was feeding colorfully feathered species of lovebirds and parakeets. I was a kid all over again giggling with excitement.

Malagos Garden Resort is certainly an exciting destination for everyone. Certainly, the new Chocolate Museum, the very first in Mindanao, is a wonderful addition to the resort’s appeal.

Go visit and tell your story of how your revisit to Malagos Garden Resort reconnected you to the child in you.


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