THE woman who was rescued on Sunday afternoon, June 11, denied that she was held hostage after three men barged inside a two-storey house in Barangay Poblacion, Barili, Cebu.

The woman, identified as Irene Aratia, is a helper employed by a certain Bernardino Dandan, an overseas worker and the owner of the house.

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According to Aratia, the suspects forced her to divulge where Dandan kept his money but she refused.

She was alone in the house, while her employer was in Manila, when the incident happened.

One of the suspects broke a bottle and grazed her skin with its sharp edge.

The suspects, then, threw her outside the house.

Aratia said she was not raped.

The three men took P5,000 and other items inside the a white envelope.

Police, meanwhile, caught the brother of a police officer around 10:50 p.m. on Sunday.

Arrested was John Michael, boyfriend of Aratia and brother of Police Officer 2 Jeffrey Alpas, the traffic investigator of Barili Police Station.

He was identified by Aratia as one of the three men who barged inside the house. But John Michael denied participation in the robbery.

He said he went to Toledo City with his friends to cook food for an event.

After he was told that Aratia accused him as one of the robbers, John Michael went to Toledo City Police Station around 6:20 p.m. and tried to clarify his name, telling the police that his girlfriend lied.

Toledo City Police, at the time, received information from their counterparts in Barili about John Michael's alleged participation in the robbery.

He was arrested by the police after he was positively identified by Aratia.

Police Officer 3 Gilbert Encabo said they are still pursuing the other suspects and investigators are looking into the possibility that Aratia conspired with the culprits.

Aratia, however, denied to the police she knew the culprits' plan. (SunStar Cebu)