THE Baguio City Health Services Office is reminding residents not to put their guard down against dengue.

The office issued the reminder ahead of ASEAN Dengue Day.

Donnabel Tubera, City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit coordinator, reported Monday there have been 81 dengue cases from January to June, which is only one case less than the number of cases last year.

Barangay Bakakeng Central has 11 cases, Loakan Proper 5, Bakakeng Norte and Camp 7, 4 each, Dominican Hill-Mirador, Gibraltar and Irisan, 3 each; BGH Compound, Fairview Village, Liwanag-Loakan, Mines View Park, Pacdal and Trancoville, 2 each.

Bakakeng Norte has had a clustering, which means it has recorded more than one case within a four week span.

Most of the dengue patients were 20 to 29 years old and majority of them are men.

"You can see that there is no significant decrease but comparing it to the previous years, we have significantly decrease the prevalence of dengue cases," Tubera said.

Dengue usually peaks after a three-year cycle.

Tubera attributed the prevalence of dengue cases to weather changes as a result of climate change, the urbanization of Baguio City where a constantly rising population has increased the demand for health services and the growth of commerce in the city.(Giovani Joy Fontanilla)