HE was in the right place at the right time. Aboard a passenger jeepney plying the 13C route, something caught Dirk’s attention. Four men were acting suspicious.

The 28-year-old hotel chef was wearing sunglasses, which allowed him to observe what was going on.

The four men rode the jeepney in Ayala Center Cebu. While en route to Barangay Talamban, they tried to victimize a male passenger.

Nanaog ang lalaki kay nakabantay man siya nga mga manguguot iyang tupad (The passenger alighted after sensing he was sitting beside a pickpocket),” Dirk told Sun.Star Cebu.

The group chose a female passenger in their second attempt.

One of the four men was sitting beside Dirk, serving as a lookout.

Dirk used his smartphone to film the incident. He placed it on his knees, put an earphone and pretended to listen to music.

“I want people to know how they operate,” Dirk said.

A modus operandi known as “laglag barya” or “hulog-hulog piso” unfolded right in front of him.

One of the pickpockets dropped a coin on the floor. After distracting the attention of the female passenger, the suspect picked up the coin.


As seen in the video, two cohorts were monitoring. One of them was holding a black backpack used to cover his right arm. The other acted as a second lookout.

The group succeeded in picking the passenger’s wallet from her bag. Then they disembarked on Gov. M. Cuenco Ave.

Nangkurog ko sa kakulba while nag-video sa ilaha kay basin unya masakpan ko (I was trembling in fear),” Dirk said.

He was too scared to tell the victim. He didn’t want to endanger himself. Asked if the victim knew she just lost her wallet, Dirk couldn’t tell.

“She noticed her bag was open. She just closed it,” he said.

Social media

Dirk disembarked in Barangay Banilad. The victim also got off, but Dirk wasn’t able to tell her what happened.

The next day, he decided to upload the incident on YouTube. As of 5 p.m. yesterday, the video had 40,000 views.

The clip also made rounds on Facebook.

“I just wanted those men arrested,” Dirk said.

Theft and Robbery Section (TRS) chief David Señor of Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) told Sun.Star Cebu they are now checking their records for the identities of the pickpockets.

Sa mga nabiktima pud, we are encouraging them to report and file a case para dili na ni sila makapangawat pa og usab (We call on other pickpocket victims to report to police),” he said.