MAYOR Elanito Peña of Minglanilla, Cebu yesterday said that small vehicles will be detoured to the provincial road, from Barangay Tungkop to Barangay Calajoan, once the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) resumes the road-concreting project on the national highway on June 19.

Peña said they met with DPWH officials and agreed to assign traffic enforcers at both ends of the project site to guide motorists to the diversion road.

At present, traffic on the highway in Minglanilla facing the town plaza is heavy during peak hours even if the four-lane road is open. Pena and DPWH officials fear the traffic problem will worsen if small vehicles will not be detoured.

When the DPWH road concreting project resumes, only one lane going south and another lane going to Cebu City will be opened, which may result in traffic jams every hour.

So, Pena said the small vehicles will be detoured to the Tungkop-Calajoan diversion road while only big vehicles, such as dump trucks and buses, will be allowed to use the national highway.

Left, right

The mayor said small vehicles from Cebu City going south should turn left to Tungkop diversion road and exit in Calajoan. The vehicles from Southern Cebu will turn right to the Calajoan diversion road and exit to Tungkop for Cebu City.

Peña said only small vehicles are allowed in the diversion road because the road center island put up by barangay officials and residents makes it difficult for big vehicles to pass.

The mayor said the people in the barangay will not allow the removal of the center island, so that the Municipal Council has passed a resolution requesting the Cebu Provincial Government to demolish it.

Peña said the Provincial Government has the power to remove the center road island because it is a provincial road. The Cebu Provincial Government has no response yet to the resolution.