DO you have that regrettable feeling that summer lasted for just a day and you weren’t able to spend it with the people you enjoy being with in different moments of your life?

Well, there is no such thing as “too late,” and with the all new Laser Blast experience, we assure you that a game will make up for the missed moments.

Located behind Corpus Christi School in Macasandig, the approach desired by Laser Blast is creating a combat warfare simulation similar to the act of playing airsoft or paintball. Complete with a sensitive full gear and a laser gun, you can play in a dark room where led lights illuminate the way and help you find your opponents, whom you “shoot” to gain points.  

“I first tried Laser Tag while I was on vacation in Europe last 2012. It was really an awesome experience! I enjoyed the game so much that I wished all my friends and relatives were there with me to relish the experience,” manager and owner Ian Saavedra said in an interview with Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro last June 4. “My objective was to bring my unforgettable laser tag experience in Europe here in the city. And make it even better and more accessible to as many people as possible.”

The concept is from the laser tag arenas which are well-known in Europe, USA, and Australia. The game was further popularized in the hit 2005 TV series “How I Met Your Mother” where Barney Stinson, no matter how old he is, frequently plays it either by himself or with a friend, and constantly brags about how awesome and enjoyable playing it is.

“I am not new to this because I was an avid airsoft enthusiast back in 2007-2009, during the heyday of airsoft. I like airsoft, but I honestly don’t think it’s for everyone. Airsoft requires a lot of preparation, maintenance, time and effort,” Ian continued when asked regarding his history on the passion for the game.

With the astounding equipment of Laser Blast, a laser tag game is straightforward and so easy to learn. No need to prepare for this or that – all you have to do is to show up and play! The laser tag game offered by Laser Blast is safer and painless. By contrast to playing airsoft or paintball, almost anyone can go on and enjoy laser tag right away.

It is a lot less expensive too! The Laser Blast system is designed and made in Europe. It’s highly regarded as the best laser tag system available today. In Europe and in other countries, the average laser tag costs thrice as much as Laser Blast.

Despite the materials coming all the way from Europe, Ian made sure that the game was affordable for the locals. He made sure that people enjoyed more than worry about where they spent their money.

“We also believe that first impressions last, so it was really a challenge to build the laser tag arena correctly. The reward for us is seeing our guests truly enjoy [playing]. That is the whole business strategy and goal, [to] make sure that all guests enjoy their Laser Blast experience and business success will soon follow,” Ian said.

Undeniably, the Laser Blast experience is one of a kind. No matter which age bracket you belong, it will definitely bring youthfulness in your heart. Who would have thought that hiding in a dark dome, strategizing well to shoot your opponents, and being hit by the laser gun was this fun?(PATRICIA YSABEL D. TABIAN, AdMU INTERN)