LIKE businessmen want to advise – start small.

It seems this worked with the Golden State as the Warriors won Games 4 and 5, and is just a game away for its NBA Championship since 1975.

The plan worked wonders for Coach Steve Kerr as Andre Iguodala provided the spark that puzzled the Cavaliers, losing at their home court in Game 4.

Now it is back at Quicken Loans Arena in Ohio and the best basketball player in the world has to prove his worth as a superman in the mahogany court.

LeBron James will try everything to carry Cleveland on his back as he always does. If Iguodala could live up to his name (in our dialect…igo/dala... hit and carry) the Warriors might end its quest in the Cavs’ lair.

The starters will play a big role as they set up the phase of how the game ends. Coach David Blatt has a game left if he succeeds in extending The Finals back to the Golden Gate.

Will he make a change and surprise Kerr? Will he spoil the Warriors plan to end the championship today? His decision will be the deciding factor as a player, even in the NBA, responds positively if given the chance to play rather than heat his butt on the bench.

The odds favor the Golden State and the Cavaliers is a game away from being frustrated if James and company fail to get a W against Stephen Curry and the rampaging Warriors.

Andrew Bogut and gigantic Mozgov may not see or may have limited action if both rookie coaches decide to start small. Whoever uses his talents wisely will surely benefit from the move.

Player’s injury can no longer be cited as alibi otherwise, it should have been 4-0 for Golden State.

Making the right decision at the right time will decide who will wear the NBA championship rings.