THE Netherlands was Davao Region's top export destination in the first quarter of 2017 with a value of $73.37 million.

Data from Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Davao showed that the region's number one export commodity to the Netherlands in the first quarter of this year were from the coconut (copra) crude oil at $69.10 million, which was an increase from the $6.46 million in same period last year.

Japan came in next to Netherlands with total exports amounting to $59.54 million. Top export products sent to Japan from the region during the first quarter were bananas ($41.83 million) and pineapples ($7.19 million).

Exports made to China amounted to $37.30 million with bananas ($20.85 million), pineapples ($6.68 million), and natural rubber ($125,505) as the top export commodities.

Exports to Malaysia was at $31.83 million where $20.06 million were natural rubber.

Rounding up the five major export market of Davao Region is Korea at $29.75 million with bananas ($20.04 million), coconut crude oil ($113,148), and pineapples ($3.95 million) as the top commodities exported to the East Asian country.

Other top export destinations of Davao Region include United States ($28.22 million), Hong Kong China ($25.53 million), Italy ($12.40 million), Iran ($11.01 million), and United Arab Emirates ($9.04 million). (JPA)