Friday July 20, 2018

ICT support: A must for businesses

IMAGINE bigger business establishment without Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support service: It's unimaginable given the realities of time.

The ICT support has become a necessity for every business firm. Technology had changed how business works nowadays.

Decades ago, electronic mail (email), internet, mobile and digital marketing and social media platforms are out of the picture, but today, these very platforms are but essential in winning the business game.

Innovations in technology helped companies, large and small, even micro, improved their operations and turned them into global businesses.

Here are some business benefits brought by ICT services:

Faster communication

Communication is vital in every business operation. With technology, transfer of information moved faster, capturing wider audience.

Laura Acevedo in her article “Business Benefits of Information Technology” said: “Rapid communications can help increase productivity, allow for better business decision-making and ease a company’s expansion into new territories or countries. Email servers, routers, internal company billboards and chat services can serve as the backbone of a company’s communications.”


Technology has enabled streamlined work flow systems, shared storage and collaborative work spaces. All these, can increase efficiency in a business and allow employees to produce outputs in a shorter period of time.

Competitive Advantage

Companies equipped information technology, Avecedo said, can “create new products, distance their products from the existing market or enhance their customer services.”

Businesses can also build-in information technology to their products that makes it difficult for customers to switch platforms or products.

Economic Efficiencies

Companies can use IT resources to lower their costs. It is but a fact now that redundant tasks can be addressed by technology. Using IT infrastructure, it can be centralized at one location.


With social media on the lead now, technology has indeed freed small businesses from the limitations of mainstream media ads when it comes to reaching new and existing customers.