Hamburg, Germany -- Over 300 civil society groups held the Civil20 (C20) Summit to urge the G20 governments to commit to addressing global challenges like climate change and regulation of financial markets.

The group called on governments to transform the economic system by "implementing rapidly the Paris Agreement by ambitious long term climate strategies, phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, setting effective and fair carbon price signals, shifting the finance flows to promote transformation and resilience as well as sticking to the promises to ramp up climate financing."

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The statement comes three weeks before the German Presidency hosts the G20 Summit when heads of states and central bank governors from the group of twenty major economies meet to discuss international issues.

Donald Trump on June 1 announced the United States officially pulling out of the Paris Agreement - the 2015 global climate pact signed by almost 200 countries to stop global warming.

Last week, G20 engagement groups representing business, think tanks and various sectors, asserted that "even without the United States, the remaining 19 of the G20 members should convincingly show their willingness to implement the Paris Agreement at the upcoming G20 Summit in Hamburg."

The European Union would "remain united and absolutely committed to full and swift implementation of the Paris Agreement," it said in a statement at foreign ministers' meeting in Luxembourg on Monday.

"Like these major international blocs, the ASEAN - one of the fastest-growing and most diverse regions in the world - must also make a bold commitment to climate action and take leadership," said Nithi Nesadurai, Regional Coordinator of Climate Action Network - Southeast Asia (CANSEA).

Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam are also part of the Vulnerable 20 (V20), the group of economies of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) which applauded "those non-state actors from US states, cities and businesses that have already reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement."

CVF Statement on USA Paris Agreement Withdrawal

Philippines and other neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific "bear the brunt of climate impacts such as extreme weather conditions" said Melvin Purzuelo, National Coordinator of civil society network Aksyon Klima Pilipinas.

He said "now that the second largest emitter of greenhouse gas has left the climate accord, is high time for our governments and our region to step up and take leadership in the global climate movement."