Saturday July 21, 2018

Fun in Marquela

WITH a lot of investments pouring in to Davao City, developments that brought with it different sorts of amusement and recreation activities for every party-goer are now stretching far north and even to the south.

In the northern part of the city, what is known as a place where a number of housing subdivisions are rising, there lies a commercial center called Marquela which is situated along Tigatto-Mandug road, Buhangin District (after Deca Homes Esperanza).

It now offers fun during day time and night life for party hunters who just reside nearby or in the neighboring barangays. Aside from that, access to other commercial establishments is easily made available through it.

Gone are the days when at the mention of Buhangin people would exclusively think of a silent village that is away from establishment that offer various services.

Northbank Holdings Corporation Marketing Manager Chelo Lorise Quilaton said in an interview that Marquela had been established on October 2015 along with their tenant, the NCCC Choicemart. It is the township of Ciudades which is formerly known as Lapanday and is owned by Northbank Holdings Corporation.

Northbank Holdings originally holds renting space in Bankerohan and Marquela is its expansion. But this time, the blossoming 5.7-hectare commercial center is catering to a different class.

Visitors of Marquela will have a good time hanging out with family and friends through their bar, park and business stalls that offer different services.

The company is also eyeing to put up a gasoline station, pharmacy, courier and a lot of small businesses that can cater to all residents in Tigatto and Mandug area.

"Mabibo na ni pohon kay ang dalan padulong [sa new] airport kay diri man daw [This area will soon become more lively especially that the way to the new airport will be here," Quilaton said.

By August, the swimming pool they had put up in Marquela is also expected to be completed. And their park will also house statues with different themes such as Animalandia and others.

"Our goal is to make Marquela a place that people would intentionally visit," Quilaton shared.

Among the various fun activities that one can witness upon visiting the place are the quarterly singing competition dubbed as the Tawag ng Tanghalan and the Hiphop competitions.

"There is a potential market here in Marquela because this is the first commercial area near Deca Homes and Mandug," Quilaton added.

Every weekend, a lot of people coming from the different parts of the city are pouring in Marquela to compete for the singing and dance contests and to simply just have fun. Other nights, stand-up comedians are invited there for the people who wanted to have a laugh trip.

A free shuttle ride is also provided by the company for guests or visitors who are coming to and from Marquela within the vicinity of Deca Homes and Mandug.