BABY shower, it’s a girl thing. But when men get invited to one, would they dare decline? Reply and explain why.

I may have said no to a few baby shower invitations because I don’t want to be in an awkward situation. When mother talk starts, baby stories are shared, what can I contribute? I cannot relate.

But if I do give an invitation a nod, it’s either I resort to giving a comedic twist to a story or be quiet and listen to the amazing stories of the women.

Perhaps just like on her wedding day, the woman exudes a certain aura when expecting a child. The joy is infectious and extends to the people around her, most especially her closest friends.

Such was the case with the BFFs of Che, Joanna and Pia. They’re as excited as their friend.

Who wouldn’t be? It’s certainly a joyous time for Che, the family and everyone knowing that the coming member of the family is a boy, the first male child of the couple and the first to carry the Uy surname of his generation.

Chuck is the name, and achi, the eldest in the family, gave his baby brother the nickname after a lead character of her favorite TV show. Coincidentally, character Chuck’s real name is also the chosen name of Che for his son.

Ok, I have to admit the party was fun. The naughty maternity games did the trick. The Pinning the Donkey took a new form with “fertilize the ovum”. The sperm pinned nearest the egg wins.

The party was quite intimate with about a dozen of Che, Joanna and Pia’s friends in attendance. And guess what? There were two other male guests in the party. I was not alone.

Congratulations on your coming baby boy, Che! I’m excited to see the new addition to the family. To Joanna and Pia, it was a great party you mounted. Thanks for having me.

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