TWO lovers were hurt after their car overturned in a curve near Sugbo Grounds in Kawit, South Road Properties (SRP) in Cebu City last Tuesday night.

Kimberly Cabreros, one of the victims, was rushed to Chong Hua Hospital for her injuries.

Cabreros' boyfriend, Jeddonbowie Gomez, 24, sustained minor injuries.

The accident happened in the same spot where a delivery van had overturned, killing more than 900 chickens in it last week.

PO3 Edgar Baton of the Traffic Patrol Group said that based on their initial investigation, the driver lost control of the vehicle.

Traffic enforcer John Espina, who first responded to the accident past 11 p.m., said that the couple's Kia Picanto sedan (AAF-4170) was going fast until it somersaulted twice upon reaching the curve.

"Kusog kuno ang padagan uy, mura'g lapas (The car was going fast, it was running over) 80 kilometers per hour," Espina said.

Espina said that the accident should remind motorists to follow the 40-kilometer-per-hour speed limit on the Cebu South Coastal Road.

"Naa baya ni kurba dinhi, so matuwad gyud ang sakyanan kung pakusgan og dagan (There is a curve here so any vehicle that goes too fast will overturn)," he noted.

Espina lamented that despite the speed limit reminders posted along the coastal road, many motorists still go beyond the speed limit.

Gomez told Espina and Baton that he was driving during the accident.

But Espina said that they found Cabreros on the driver's seat when they responded to the accident.

Espina said that Gomez was on the passenger's seat.

"Nagrabehan gyud to ang babaye kay ang driver's seat man maoy napailawom pagkatuwad (The girl must have been critically injured because the driver seat was at the bottom when the car turned to its side)," Espina said.

Luciano Candole Jr., a security guard of a nearby establishment, told Espina and Baton that the car, which he said was driven by Cabreros, was going fast.

But Espina said that Cabreros' father told them that driving fast is more Gomez's style.

"Hinay man na mo-drive daw iyang babaye nga anak (He said his daughter drives slow)," Espina said.

Espina said that from what they had gathered from witnesses, they suspected that the lovers were quarreling inside the car before the accident, diverting their focus from the road.