AN UNIDENTIFIED man was killed by a security guard at the Ceres bus terminal in Barangay Bata, Bacolod City Sunday night, June 25.

Senior Inspector Larry Teovisio, head of Police Station 3, said Rhomel Santero, 28, of Barangay Lag-asan, Bago City, was roving at the parking area around 9:45 p.m. when he saw four men detaching a 17-plate, 24-volt battery from one of the buses.

When he approached the men, one of them pointed a gun at him, prompting him to fire a shot using his .9mm caliber pistol.

One of them was hit on various parts of the body resulting to his death while his three companions managed to escape.

Teovisio said the robbers probably entered through the back portion of the parking area.

The police have no lead on the identities of the perpetrators.

Teovisio said Santero defended himself, but he is still detained at the station.

He will be released from detention after the 36-hour reglementary period or if nobody files homicide charges against him.