Sunday July 22, 2018

Y-Speak: How to be a local foreigner?

I'VE been living in Davao for five years now and still things amaze me as always. The Wow factor for every first time scenery that my eyes lay upon, that every first time experience that my soul enjoys, and every heartwarming smile that I get from its people always leave me speechless with just “Wow” to say.

The city life here is far different from what I have been living with in Manila. Well, is it bad? Definitely not!

In Davao you can go out for a night party until 1 in the morning wearing anything that makes you comfortable without people catcalling. You can even walk on streets late at night without being scared that someone might slash your bag or your throat and this is new to me.

If I’ve done this in Manila, walking around the city at late night I might have been probably a dead meat.

There are smokers walking all around spreading their stinky smoke. You see them all one place.

Got lost in the city? Asking for directions has never been as easy as it is in Davao and you don't need a map anymore. People are very approachable and they wouldn't hesitate to help you.

Need a ride in the city? Don’t hesitate to hop in a cab on a hot or rainy day as they won't charge you much and they will take you to anywhere you wanna go. You already got a personal driver and a tour guide with them. They can take you to the best spots and best food stops without breaking your piggy bank, but yea, you can always ride a stylish jeepney too for a fair fare.

From fine dining restaurants to Bangkerohan eateries you’ll find good food. From luxurious mall shops to Roxas night market you’ll find good stuff. Another treat is that as you roam around the city, it seems like you have your own security personnel, as security force is well spread in the city and you should not worry about your safety.

I never fell in love with living in a city life like this so, for every question asked such as “Why don't you wanna comeback here in your hometown?” I give them a list why should they go with me here to Davao.

For my every friend I give a tour here in the city, they definitely come back as much as they can. The place, the people, and the discipline absolutely give me a life here in Davao. It is true that ‘Life is here in Davao’ and I never regret coming here. (Ma. Eliza J. Sacatani)


Ma. Eliza is a student of the University of Mindanao.