IT was unfortunate that an accident happened inside a movie house in a mall in Cebu City where a corporate event was held last Monday. Of course, accidents cannot be foreseen, but can be prevented.

I’m not going to comment on the incident since I was not in the venue when it happened (thank God!). Of course, the owners must have learned from the incident.

Incidentally, the mall’s cinemas usually play a video on what to do in times of emergency. Among the tips were to “keep calm and just walk.” While some social media users bash the video (which some refer to as the “fashion show” video), I choose to praise it instead.

Who knows? It could have helped the people (presumably movie enthusiasts) inside the cinema to, that’s it, “be calm and just walk” to their safety that fateful night.


The lead stars of the Star Cinema movie Just The Way You Are, Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano, blew into town to promote their project last Friday. It opened last Wednesday.

In the press conference held at Radisson Blu right before their appearance at the SM City Cebu covered parking area, the entertainment media tried to pry into the real score behind their closeness away from the cameras.

Both denied that they’re playing sweet music together (because Liza is still a minor and, understandably, prevented by her parents from getting serious in the love department) but in the course of the conversation, both gave out statements that my colleagues interpreted as something that betrayed their earlier pronouncements.

Whatever the real score though, most, if not all, of us believed that they are such a pair to behold, both being lookers with foreign blood in their arteries and veins. That is aside from being articulate and not evasive of the questions that we dropped on their laps.

Hopefully, Just The Way You Are will be patronized by lovers of Filipino movies for the production outfit to come up with more projects for them.


Despite the increasing strength of social media in the communications department, television still is a force to reckon with. Two recent events, one intentional, highlight this observation.

Kris Aquino admitted on television that she had a non-invasive procedure to improve the appearance of her nose especially during crying scenes. This was supposedly suggested by director Chito Roño, who pointed out the tendency of her nostrils to flare during such heavy scenes.

LeBron James, being the basketball legend that he is, is of course a familiar figure in and out of the hard court. However, a split second move on his part, which unfortunately got caught by a television that zoomed in on him, accidentally exposed what others call as the “royal penis.”

Now, the image of the hidden treasure has become viral on the Internet. That just emphasizes the need for everyone, both celebrities and otherwise, to just be careful as anything we do which we think as safely guarded, might just be flashed on the Internet without our knowledge.

Unless of course if what the subject wants to achieve was to be an instant Internet celebrity just like the youngster who sang Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding complete with backup sounds he himself produced and… Brace yourself, faulty lyrics.


Kobe Paras’ triumph in the Fiba Under 18 World Slam Dunk Competition in Debrecen, Hungary did not escape the eyes of his mother network. GMA 7 reportedly threw a party in his honor.



I caught a glimpse of Cebuano teenager Ryan James Bacalla being featured in Aquino and Abunda Tonight last Monday. The teener was obviously excited over the fact that he has been admitted to “the most famous house in the Philippines,” the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Ryan James is one of the housemates of the Pinoy Big Brother 737, which begins tomorrow. Let’s see if Ryan James will be able to hurdle the challenges and bring home the bacon after Kim Chiu did the same some years back.