SHE'S not afraid to experiment on minimalism. Because she can. She did. Refusing to be a shadow of her revered brothers in the fashion spectrum, Maria Isabella Escario, fondly referred to in the circle as Ixa, is out in announcing her finesse.

In carving a niche in the saturated industry, Ixa did what she had to do—coin her own brand, the eponymous “Ixxe.” A balance of femininity and masculinity is the cadence of the latest collection aptly labeled as “Minutieux,” a French term suggesting meticulosity or precision. The set gyrates in the creator’s romance with white as a cohesive, bold and transparent medium in expressing the psyche.

“My collection is an all-white ensemble from casual day wear to date night. Inspired by white modern houses, these pieces have clean classic lines, uniformity and neatness. I just feel like there’s so much I can do with the color by stressing its competence,” the 22-year-old designer pronounced.

Ixa’s output is an eclectic production of structured cuts and asymmetrical proportions crafted from rudimentary weapons—neoprene, a synthetic rubber often used for scuba diving wet suits; double knit fabric, a cousin material of the former, and Italian cotton lace.

From dresses, detachable skirts to palazzo pants, culottes, jumpsuits and even such mannish add-ons like hoods and jackets, Ixa was able to personalize the collaboration of cloths and details for a clean glass result and vibrant resort feel. White is an esoteric subject in a fashion environment heavily influenced by evolution. It’s there but sometimes, it’s not really there. However to Ixa, skinning its layers is an intrepid move especially for a young designer.

“Not everyone might understand it, like an abstract painting maybe, but it sure is a compelling vehicle to channel emotions. Let’s go back to the basics. White is a powerful, amazing color,” she asserted.

Bearing an influential surname in the couture world (she’s the youngest of eight siblings), fashion has been there all along for Ixa. She grew up with it, fabrics, styles and all. The choice to venture out seriously occurred when a friend consulted her for a design. It turned out, she could do it too. She studied advertising at the University of San Carlos where she started testing the waters through photography, editing and film. But the calling was so strong, she couldn’t resist. Ixa completed a one year course of Fashion Design Technology at the Fashion Institute of Design and Arts (Fida). Aside from her brothers’ impact (which is a given), she muses on Jason Wu’s timeless classics of glamorous sensibility.

“Minutieux” was presented last month at “Déjà vu,” a culminating fashion show by Fida graduates.