A TELECOMMUNICATION store worker is charged with qualified theft before the City Prosecutor’s Office after she allegedly took a portion of the proceeds of a store in Victoria Plaza, Davao City, last June 13.

Charged was Lannie May Cepeda, officer-in-charge of the Wiltelcom and Samsung Concept stores under Banana Telecommunications Inc. and resident of the city.

In a two-page resolution dated June 22, prosecutor Daniel Fernandez found probable cause to charge the accused based on the complaint filed by Earl Edpalina of the Banana Telecommunication.

The two stores are engaged in the distribution/selling of accessories and mobile phones, Edpalina said in his affidavit.

He added that one of the functions of the accused is to receive payments of the sales proceeds from its customers.

Edpalina said that among the company’s procedure and policy is that the sales proceeds in a day should be deposited through personnel from the Security Bank who picks-up the proceeds on a daily basis between 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

But the complainant was informed by the company’s bookkeeper on June 14 that there was no deposit made in their bank account from the sales proceeds of the two stores for June 13 transactions.

The accused, when confronted on the matter, claimed that she had already asked the brand promoter of the store to deposit the sale proceeds of the two stores.

According to Edpalina, what the accused did is contrary to the company’s policy since the sales proceeds should be picked up by the bank personnel instead of asking another to deposit the money to the bank personally.

Inventory conducted by the complainant on June 13 revealed that sales proceeds of the Wiltelcom was P30,749 while the Samsung Concept has collected P11,980.

Deposited on June 14 were the sales proceeds of the Samsung Concept.

According to the brand promoter, the money that was given by the accused for him to deposit on June 14 was only P11,980 as shown on the bank deposit slip. The accused was not able to produce the sales proceeds of the Wiltelcom worth P30,749.

As for June 14, the records showed that the total sales proceeds for the day is P28,607 but only P27,100 was presented during the cash count, leaving a cash deficit or shortage by P1,507 which the accused cannot produce.

The prosecution said that as far as the Wiltelcom sales proceeds for June 13 transactions is concerned, it may be safe to presume that the money was still in the possession of the accused on June 14 in the morning.

The accused is currently detained at the Sta. Ana Police Station.