Monday July 23, 2018

Weddings, weddings

IT’S nice to note that there are still show business insiders who value the importance of marriage. The most recent are Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, who will tie the knot today, and Rachelle Ann Go and her non-showbiz husband Martin Spies, who formalized their union last Wednesday.

There was a time that showbiz personalities proudly declared that they viewed marriage as “just a piece of paper.” They could be bitter or cynical about love and marriage itself for whatever reason they alone know.

On behalf of those who believe that marriage is not just an outdated trend, let me congratulate Billy and Coleen as well as Rachel and Martin.

It happened before and it happened again last Friday. I’m referring to missing out on the final episode of “The Good Son.” I was in the graduation party of my inaanak Issabela Katrina Sua Villarojo, who finished her BS AB-PolSci course as cum laude.

Congratulations, pangga! Issa is the only daughter of Sakdap quartet member Gani Villarojo and Gloria. The other members of the quartet were expected to attend the gathering (and perhaps perform too!) but it was only Henry Jabonero and wife Claire whom I was able to rub elbows with before I made an early graceful exit.

The country’s weather agency, Pag-asa, has formally declared the onset of the hot season with the heat index reaching beyond the 40-degree mark in some places in the country.

Incidentally, hair and beauty expert Jun Esma (with able assistants Flor and Raffy) also officially unveils the season’s trendy cuts and colors.