Thursday July 19, 2018

Golden heritage

A THRIVING and rising province, that is Davao Oriental today. What it has become now is but a positive result of the past leaders’ efforts, initiatives, and contributions.

Hence, this year’s 50th anniversary celebration will focus on honoring and recognizing Davao Oriental’s leaders, the governors, who have wrought the province's golden heritage.

“While I am geared for my vision towards a people-centered and balanced socio-economic development, I am inclined to uphold all the great accomplishments in governance that our previous leaders have bequeathed us. It is both privilege and an honor to be able to commemorate the governors of Davao Oriental during my term and during this celebration of Davao Oriental’s 50th founding anniversary,” Governor Nelson L. Dayanghirang said.

He added that looking back to the province’s journey of governance will help its people remember and honor the leaders who constructed the walls of progress.

Today, because of the past leaders’ sacrifices, the province has achieved a stature worthy of celebration. It has become “an epitome of good governance, an international exemplar for resilience, and has been globally recognized for the conservation of its natural and cultural heritage.”

Davao Oriental has indeed evolved into a new frontier of development and inclusive growth because of its visionary leaders and responsible constituents.

This year’s milestone celebration with a theme: “Celebrating Golden Heritage towards Sustainable Inclusive Growth,” was capped with full of success stories and promises which will lead the province to another golden year of celebrating its cultural, historical and natural heritage.