A CEBU-BASED party organizer plans to make Davao City a global destination for music festivals. As start, they will hold a music festival in Davao during Kadayawan this August.

Kaz Onozawa, owner of Spectrum.ph, said that after their initial venture last year in the city's party scene, they saw the potential of Davao City as a venue for music festivals that could be at par with the international music scene.

Onozawa said this is the reason they are partnering with the Department of Tourism and other major companies both here and abroad to bring to Davao the kind of music festival that is world-class.

Spectrum.ph is known to hold music festivals all over the country. They have four music festivals every year -- Kadayawan Invasion in Davao City, Sinulog Invasion in Cebu City, Masskara Invasion in Bacolod, and Dinagyang Invasion in Iloilo.

This year is their second time to hold a music festival in Davao. Their initial salvo last year turned controversial after the "hipon" comment of comedian Ramon Bautista who was a guest of one of the major sponsors of the event.

Bautista was earlier declared by the City Council as persona non grata for his comment but Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the comedian can visit Davao anytime after publicly apologizing for calling Dabawenyas as hipon.

Onozawa said the hipon incident was unfortunate but everything was already settled.

Onozawa said they have also partnered with London-based beverage company Diageo to provide the drinks during the kadayawan Invasion 2015.

He assured the public that they will be employing a very strict system to ensure that no minors will be allowed alcoholic drinks inside the venue, which is at the Crocodile Park.