By John Carlo Villaruel


THE 2014-2015 NBA Season has officially concluded with the Golden State Warriors winning the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy.

Who would’ve ever thought that the underrated Warriors team would win the whole thing? NBA experts had predicted that the NBA Finals would feature the veteran Spurs team facing James and the Cavaliers.

Stephen Curry did not have much attention from the media in the offseason as much of its focus was on the bright lights of Los Angeles and New York.

When Curry entered the league, we knew he was a great shooter just like his dad and indeed it was on display. He was a one-dimensional player but it all changed this season.

The Davidson product played like a man possessed hitting a bunch of threes, grabbing a respectable rebounding numbers and an impressive assists average.

Aside from Curry, Klay Thompson also stepped into the occasion, joining Curry as the one-two punch of a dangerous Warriors team. Thompson made some waves during the regular season, setting the record for most points in a quarter with 37.

On the other hand, Andrew Bogut and David Lee had also revived their dying careers in the Bay Area. Lee played as a backup of Bogut, putting up decent numbers.

Meanwhile, Bogut turned back the clock with his defensive awareness. The Aussie native has bounced back from a serious injury a few years ago with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Andre Iguodala and Harrison Barnes anchored much of the team’s perimeter defense limiting their opponents from the outside. Iguodala also made his presence in the Finals, playing good tough defense against the world’s best basketball player, LeBron James. Aside from playing good nose-to-nose defense, the former Slam Dunk participant has also made his mark outside, hitting clutch baskets.

The Warriors have proven to the world that there’s no need for collecting a bunch of superstars. It’s about working your butt off night in and night out. A collection of players who are willing to accept their roles in a well-oiled team.

What’s next: After winning the prize, the Golden State Warriors will now look to re-sign their free agents and maybe look into the free agent market. Big names like Marc Gasol and LaMarcus Aldridge will hit the market this summer and both would be a great addition to a young Warriors team.