Sunday July 22, 2018

A special brew

IT takes so many hands to make one perfect cup of specialty coffee.

That’s what Lanz Mirondo of Linear Coffee Roasters shared on a rainy afternoon, perfect for a hot brew. His passion and drive to push the local coffee industry to greater heights is evident in the way he talks about these special little beans. But as it always is, there’s still a long way to go.

Lanz founded Linear Coffee Roasters earlier this year, and it has grown into a secret hangout spot that coffee enthusiasts frequent. His original intent was to be the source for high-quality specialty coffee for businesses, cafés and individuals.

The Linear Brew Bar was supposed to be where their customers would taste the great coffee they sourced and roasted. But since it opened, it has become a hidden hangout spot, and he and his team couldn’t be more excited.

Linear Coffee Roasters is home to various types of coffee beans sourced from East Africa, Central and South America and the Philippines, particularly from Mt. Apo in the regions of Davao and Soccsksargen. “We are working on sourcing really good, high-quality coffee from the Philippines, especially from Mt. Apo,” Lanz said.

Lanz goes to these local coffee farms and immerses himself in the coffee culture in these regions. Having been exposed to the famers’ hard life, it gives more meaning to the cupful of coffee. “We know that farmers work hard, but when you’re actually there, working with them, doing the same things with them, it’s pretty tiring,” he said.

The effort in harvesting and processing specialty coffee is no joke. That’s why Lanz gets irked by some people who don’t understand the economics that comes with the coffee industry. “I’m sorry but I’m really an a**hole to those people saying that just because it’s Philippine coffee, it should be cheap. Come on,” he said. “In every step, each should be compensated well because the work done is not only hard but intricate.”

Lanz said that he decided to source coffee locally because he wants to be transparent with his customers. “Here, it’s very traceable. All the details, from where the coffee came from, who are the people involved, everything is available. Not many people are willing to do that because they’re afraid that people will realize that they might be ripping them off,” he said.

At the Linear Brew Bar, the coffee is not only very affordable but it is of high quality. It’s also one way of educating the public that we have quality coffee growing right here in our own soil. Plus, their resident barista, John Michael Hermoso, could school you on everything coffee—from the flavor profiles to the origins.

“Coffee is not just for people who have money. Everyone should be able to get it, taste it,” Lanz said. Linear Coffee Roasters is at C. Rosal St., Cebu City. The brewing goes on from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.