ANDRE'S action speaks louder than LeBron's words.

Golden State won the 2015 NBA Finals, Coach Steve Kerr became the next rookie coach to win a championship after 33 years, the Warriors got their rings after 40 years, and Iguodala was named the finals Most Valuable Player.

Iguodala may not convert most of his free throws but James became the best basketball player of the world who failed to capture the Larry O'Brian championship trophy.

There are so many reasons why the Warriors were champions.

One. LBJ is not one of them. It would have been difficult for Kerr to see one of his players ignoring their plays and winning it just for himself.

Two. Kerr surrounded himself with super assistants in offense and defense plus his special assistant who convinced the coaching staff to start small in Games 4 and 5, including the sixth.

Three. A 67-15 regular season record would not have materialized if not for the unselfishness, sacrifice, and trust of every Warrior to achieve their dream.

Four. Stephen Curry did not fail his family, fans, and detractors and lived up to being the NBA's most valuable player for the season. Fellow All-Star Klay Thompson honored his father Mychal by following his footsteps if not doing it better.

Golden State was destined to be this year's best team in the NBA. Whatever came before that were all part of the master plan for the Warriors to be great after four decades of waiting.

Kerr, too was destined to be "coach" of the year without him saying he is the best. His choice to be at Golden State rather than join former Chicago Bulls coach Phil Jackson in New York turned out to be a blessing.

Steve will get another ring.

It was the better decision.